Thursday, August 07, 2008

xbox to xbox - daily diary

Well that was my day today in totality but then a lot of things happened in between!
Well first of all the morning began with saurabh trying to play xbox (him not feeling well today decided to take first half off). :(.
And well then I rushed to college to edit my first project(I called Rohit at 8:15 to know what time the editing starts and he said 9 - thought it was a little tight I and my autowallah embarked into the mission of making me reach college by 9 - I entered the premises at 8:54 to start the editing). And well I didnt realize that that is all i would be doing till 5:30 pm! Ironically I started with the idea of making fun of the folks with complicated thinking and I got carried away so much so that lots of people are now not understanding my project. Well now I know how Vincent Van Gogh felt. Ofcourse the editing session was closely followed by a film appreciation - and how tough was it to do that mental context switch - but the movie we saw - 12 angry man was amazing.
Well I rushed back to the editing lab - saw a few videos of other folks then rushed back home - 45 minutes ride on auto that I pool with Rohit (hopefully car comes by the weekend) and the autowallah and me realizing that we do not have change - so I rushed to nearest pan thela to take the change - buy some eggs as a return of favor.
I rushed home to hear that saurabh was not that well after all :( and also that he stayed at home (after visitng the doc at leelavathi who adviced him rest :((). This is however interesting coz when he stays at home he consumes twice the amount of food so all my provisioning of food for the day (that I negotiate with my maid) goes kaput so I realized that there is only rice left at home for dinner (P.S - Saurabh doesn't like rice). So well I put the eggs to use and make some scrambled eggs desi style (bhurji) and we ate that with some roti and rice (P.S - I love rice). Then came a session of phone calls and some TV. After fighting against CNBC-IBN, I got to see MTV only to realize that now when I see a video - I tear it apart mentally - I notice the background music, cinematography, shot breakdown and scene transitions. Suddenly Singh is King is not amusing and the trailer of Phoonk is not scary :(. Ah the film appreciation class has managed to corrupt me. By then Saurabh manages to change channel to some madonna's song and we try our hand at some dance and I realize that after hours of not being together - one moment is still worth being together (in this holy matrimony that is)(P.S- this is my take - I dunno his take) and then ofcourse since we are not really newly married anymore - i get busy on my laptop and Saurabh sits next to me playing his Xbox and has his mouth open.