Monday, September 11, 2006

how long has it been?

Summer is over and fall is round the corner - there is a certain chill in the air - so time to abandon daily walks (till old redmond road - and that is far 35th street to 75th street) and get back to my gymming routine. And whoa - it had been 3 months now almost since I had given up the gym (and wonder how many pounds this equates to).
Things that changed in last 3 months:
1) The carpets are new and shining with more intrinsic design - fairly royal (infact indian royal)
2) The gym clothes are tighter :( - time for a new set.
3) The women's workout room is wiped out! That was surprise for me.
4) Mary, Aram, paramesh were not around
5) The chattering russian(?) gang was not in the Jacuzzi.

Things that didnt change:
1) Meeting atleast one person and having a formal chat.
2) I getting tired and giving up after 30 mins :(
3) Reading People's and O magazine while working out and being updated with latest fashion and yeah gossips
4) Seeing lots of S's friends (me knowing them (as I saw the fotos) but they not knowing me)
5) Seeing the punjabi girl working out diligently but not losing any weight.

Current Song - I had to fall to lose it all,
But in the end it doesn't even matter
(linkin park)
Current State - Remembering as a kid my bro playing this song in infinite loop early morning and I yelling at him to turn it off.. well not a bad song :)


Interview Master said...

S bole to?

arati kadav said...

Not naming people ...tereko kal bataungi

Sumit Sorde said...

Astrologer!! Did he have a parrot too[:P]

Interview Master said...
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arati kadav said...

no not that high fi astrologer ...he just had a dictionary with him

Anonymous said...

Good luck with gymming :)

Anonymous said...

since when did u start believing in luck.. i thought u made ur own destiny.

arati kadav said...

i believe only bad luck ...

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will never have bad luck.. god loves you.

arati kadav said...

@last anonymous - Thanks that's sweet but even if you were God, I wouldn't have believed that I am loved.

Calvin's dad to Calvin: Life is unfair
Calvin : Yes but why is it not unfair in "my" favour.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder.. why is it so hard to make a woman believe that she is loved?? maybe u are slightly overlooking what you have.. anyways... the intent is not to argue with you.. i was just a little surprised with ur sadness..

arati kadav said...

Conclusion number 1 - you are not a woman

Conclusion number 2 - You don't understand women

Conclusion number 3- You are in US

Conclusion number 4 - you slack a lot at work (or read other people's blog at work time :))

I am very chilled out in life - not sad :).

Thanks for your concern though. If possible do share your identity or atleast attach a pseudo name so that I can relate to all the messages from you. Cheers!

Estranged ! said...

Sapno se dil lagane ki aadat nahi rahi,
har waqt muskurane ki aadat nahi rahi,
ye soch ke ki koi manaane nahi aayega,
ab hume rooth jaane ki aadat nahi rahi...

At the same time remember,

Zindagi motaj nahi manzilo ki,
waqt her manzil dekha deta hai..
Marta nahi koi kisi se juda ho kar,
waqt sab ko jeena sikha deta hai.


arati kadav said...

wow that is some good shayari after a long time ...
I have one too:
(took it from sumit's blog-
"Bahut khoobsurat hai har baat lekin,
Agar dil bhi hota to kya baat hoti :)"

Interview Master said...

kal kya parson bhi ho gayaa, abhi tak nahin bataaya :(

Anonymous said...

I also dont understand women.Saurabh