Saturday, September 23, 2006

You know you really haven't figured out things in life when ....

- Every morning you struggle to find your car keys. And if it is not your car keys then it is your home keys and if it is not your home keys then it is your office batch.
- You know you have 6 pair of socks but you can spot only 1 because you are wearing them and there is no trace of rest of the pairs anywhere.
- Ditto for the glasses and cups in your house.
- You never find your scissors when you need it but you know you had seen it when you were looking for your car keys.
- Your tea strainer not just blocks the tea leaves but also the tea.
- You go to safeway and buy potatoes thinking that you don't have one and when you come back you see that you have a sack of it and it is onions that you wanted.
- Similar confusion between ginger and green chillies.
- Yet you never use green chillies in your food.
- Your frozen vegetable packets cross the expiry date before you even opened them.
- Ditto for altoids you have in your car...
- You look frantically for your sports shoes all over the house and then you find it in your car trunk.
- You have a presentation to give to entire group this wed and you still haven't figured out what to talk about.
- You decide to have a relaxed early friday one week so decide to cook at home and chill and end up calling 6 friends at your place, watching movie, going to downtown, getting drunk, dancing in the pub, shouting on the streets, raiding your friend's house and taking away all his fav paintings and books (taking advantage of the fact that he is drunk too)and coming back and sleeping at 4.
- You have to go to a house warming party (time 12 pm) and you think it is at night while it is a lunch invitation.
- And the party is now ...


Anonymous said...

One More:

And you have to blog it to vent it :D

Anonymous said...

drunk? tu to boli you did not drink


arati kadav said...

I had one sip but I got borrowed drunkardness and hangover from VC

Anonymous said...

Expired altoids? :o
Mujhe khilayee thi na usee dabbe me se? Isi liye main ek din bimar pad gaya tha :(

Ree said...

lemme add to this...u can never ever figure out where u kept ur pen and its right behind ur ear